Sunday, June 5, 2016

Olmsted Ladies Trip 2016: Day Four

Wow! It's been a week of lots of fun and not a lot of blog posting! Sorry....where were we? Oh yes, the Ladies Trip!

When booking the villa, we learned that there was an option to go out on the owner's boat one day.   We quickly jumped on that opportunity and were excited for a tour of the Croatian coastline.   We even paid extra for lunch on the boat, which was totally worth it because it was delicious! The water was pretty cold, but after a while we got used to it (or just went numb...).  The Croatian coastline is beautiful and hanging out on the boat is always fun.  The owner of the villa/boat was fun and was great company.  He even let Claire drive the boat for a while!

Thanks to Claire for sharing the rest of the photos :)

You can't tell by the smiles on our face, but the water was FREEZING!  We had probably gone numb at this point...

Rais in all her glory

Claire pre or post- Titanic pose

The group with our captain and first mate

That night, we ordered pizza, hung out by the pool, and did our gift exchange.  We did this back in February when we were at Mike's Olmsted class reunion and it was a lot of fun.  Everyone brings a gift from their country and then we do a white elephant type thing.  It's a lot of fun and seeing what people bring from their new home is always fascinating.  Because my home is a little unknown at the moment, Melissa and I did some creative thinking when she was visiting Ramstein.  I had a spoon rest that Mike had bought and sent with Karen when she came, so that served as the main part of the gift, but I knew I wanted to bring something from Germany.  Melissa suggested something funny from Ramstein and we settled on a bright pink "Ramstein Girl" t-shirt from the Exchange.  They have tons of cheesy shirts like that on base and it was a great way to bring a little Ramstein to the gift exchange.  Amy, the woman from Barcelona, got my gift and ended up sleeping in the shirt multiple nights in a row! I actually ended up with Melissa's gift which was fine by me! I fell in love with the Moroccan pottery when we were there in February and was SUPER excited to get some more, along with some argon oil and leather.  I may or may not have hid it so that it couldn't be stolen... sorry not sorry.

The days of our trip were filled with lots of fun, but the nights were probably my favorite part.  They were filled with lots of laughter and chatting.  Even though I had met almost all of these ladies before the trip, I can now say I consider each of them my friends.

Also, these views! No wonder I love night time so much!

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