Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy Birthday Mike!

Mike and I have REALLY bad luck being together to celebrate his birthday.  In fact, the month of June usually doesn't really work for us.  Last year, I was stuck in the United States waiting for my passport and this year I'm back in the USofA waiting for a return ticket (more on that later....promise). Even before we moved, flight delays, deployments and life always seemed to get in the way of celebrating Mike's birthday together on his birthday.

While we can't be together to celebrate, I couldn't resist the opportunity to celebrate my favorite submariner, travel buddy, room mate and the man I love so much! I've been missing him extra this week and I can't wait to be with him to celebrate, even if it is a few weeks late!

So, in honor of Mike's 28th birthday, here are eight (I figured 28 might be a little much) of my favorite memories with Mike!

1.  The night we met
  I guess this is pretty cliche, but we met at our best friends' wedding and it was a wild night.  I remember seeing Mike and the other groomsmen doing flips and stuff down the trolley aisle on the way to the reception and thinking "these guys are crazy! I'll just steer clear of them!"   Then, we ended up sitting next to each other at the reception, dancing together and finally meeting up at the after party, despite the fact that he was wearing the garter on his head and had coffee spilled down his uniform.  I guess he did something right because he won me over that night!

I think Mike was singing "Call Me Maybe" at this point

2. Visiting Mike in Hawaii for the first time

Oh man do we love that place! It's truly paradise.  Although all of my visits were exciting, the first one still wins the prize.  We had only known each other a few months and were still pretty awkward around each other.  Mike had been underway for the ten days leading up to it, so I hadn't gotten to talk to him.  I was super nervous that things would be weird or awkward, but I just remember seeing him as he got out of the car and feeling so much calmer.  We had so much fun that weekend and I loved meeting all of his friends and seeing his life.  

Our first official date on my first visit to Hawaii. 
3. Our first deployment and homecoming

Eight months of the first year we were dating, Mike was deployed.  Even though deployments are NOT fun and I would give millions and millions of things not to have to do them, I look back and am so thankful for that deployment because we learned so much about each other.  Our only mode of communication when Mike is deployed is email, so we would email and ask each other thousands of get to know you questions.  We learned so much about each other because of this, which makes me thankful for deployment. I also never knew I could get so excited over an email. I saved all of them and would reread them when there would be a gap in communication.  The homecomings make the deployments, gaps in communication and the long distance all worth it because that first hug is just the best.  I'm looking forward to one of those hugs at the end of this evacuation!

So so happy!

4. Going to the Academy with Mike

I didn't actually attend the Naval Academy (the thought of me at the Naval Academy is humorous.  I wouldn't last a day!), but I love visiting with Mike.  His face lights up and he's always so excited. He tells stories about when he was a midshipman and about his friends and it's just a lot of fun.  One day, we'll reciprocate and go to JMU :)

5. Our Engagement and Wedding

I'll group them together :)  I think we all knew it was coming, but when Mike got down on one knee, I was so surprised!  Our wedding was so fun and we were so happy!

The celebratory champagne bottle got a little messy.  That ring is still looking great though :)

6. Hearing Mike speak Turkish

Mike started Turkish lessons in August, but it wasn't until October that I heard him speak Turkish.  We went to the Turkish festival in DC and met up with his Turkish teacher and they only spoke in Turkish.  I remember being so impressed and so proud of him.  That sentiment hasn't changed and, in fact, it's only grown stronger. I'm always so impressed and in awe when he's able to navigate us around Turkey and figure things out.  It's not easy!

7. Watching Mike and Emma

Mike didn't grow up around babies, so when Emma came around, I knew he would love her, but wasn't sure if he would be that interested in her. Boy was I wrong.  That little girl has him wrapped around her finger.  At least once a week he wants to video chat with baby Emma and is fascinated by her.  He could watch her crawl and talk forever.  It's so incredible and heart warming to watch him fall in love with this little lady.  I can't wait for the day that they actually get to meet.

Skyping in for Emma's baptism so we could complete our duties as godparents

8. Traveling with Mike

Duh!! We are on the adventure of a lifetime right now and there is no one I'd rather do it with.  He is the perfect travel companion.  He's eagerness for adventure is admirable and his willingness to plan and learn makes him my favorite travel buddy. Not many people get the opportunity to travel and getting to do it with him makes it all the more special.

Happy birthday Mike! I love you so much and am so glad I'm on this adventure with you! I hope you have an awesome birthday and I can't wait to celebrate with you when we are reunited!! xoxoxoxo

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