Friday, June 17, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Before the evacuation happened, I had decided to go home for Ben's high school graduation.  I figured I would spend a week at home and a week-ish in DC.  Then, we found out that I would have to return on the Navy's flight due to evacuation procedures and that I would return once we got orders.  Orders took a little bit longer to figure out and I ended up boarding a flight to the United States with no return ticket.  Eventually, I'll get a return ticket, but for now, I'm just hanging out at home.  

After a flight to JFK (where I had a whole row to myself!!!!) and then one to Norfolk (with a flight full of Turks heading for a work exchange program at the ocean front! Who would have thought I'd run into Turks heading to Norfolk??? Merhaba and hosh geldiniz guys!) I arrived home in Norfolk.

My first glimpse of American soil in a year.  I may have cried....

When I arrived at the Norfolk airport, this guy was waiting for me....

So thankful for the refugee assistance program (also known as Dad)

It worked out well that I returned on Friday June 10th because that ended up being Ben's prom! As Ben says "Sarah always manages to be around for everything!"  I do try!  There were 12 people in the group and they all came to our house for pictures.  It was so fun seeing/meeting Ben's friends and his date.  They clean up well!

These three have been friends since middle school!

After all of the teenagers left, Mom, Dad and I headed out to YNot for dinner.  It's good to be home...

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