Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Reunited and It Feels SO SO SO Good!

On Saturday, this happened and I was so happy!

I don't think the guy behind us understands the circumstances otherwise he'd be smiling as much as I am! 

After a few days of solo travel in Split, I was ready to have some social interaction.  And after six weeks of being apart from Mike, I was ready for some Mike interactions.  It finally happened on Saturday and I honestly thought I might cry.  I know we have many many many times in our future where we'll be apart for longer, but this was still a much-awaited reunion.  We met up at the bus station on Saturday morning and headed out to our hotel, which was outside of the city.

Since this was the end of phase one of the evacuation (after our time in Croatia, I'm heading home to the states eeeeeee!!!), we decided to splurge and treat ourselves to a nice hotel at Le Meridien Lav using our points and SPG membership.  We usually go for cheap since we usually don't spend a lot of time in the hotel room and instead spend our days out sight seeing.  This time, though, we went all out! It was like a second honeymoon and it was wonderful.  We got free welcome drinks, an infinity pool to swim in, and a spa!! I was in heaven!  I may have muttered the words " Don't mind me as I kiss the ground" once or twice...

We spent the next two days hanging out at the pool, drinking our free welcome drinks and enjoying each other's company.  We got massages and pedicures (it was Mike's first and I think he's hooked!) at the spa, which felt so good!  We did venture into the old town of Split Saturday night so that Mike could check it out, but other than that, we hung out at the hotel.  Splurging on a hotel every once and while is definitely worth it.

Both Mike and I agreed that we wished we had another day or two at the hotel, but we had to catch our bus to Dubrovnik to meet up with some honeymooners!