Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mike's Evacuation Experience

When I started the blog, it was just me.  Then, when we moved to Turkey, I figured I'd blog about our experiences since we'd be together and seeing all of the same things.  I never imagined that we would be separated or have different experiences, but things got a little shaken up (gotta keep us on our toes!) and we ended up spending a few months apart.  While I was doing a lot of sight seeing in Germany, Mike was still in Turkey.  I think I was the lucky one because I got to go to a new place and do a lot of sight seeing in Germany.  Mike was stuck at home going to school and dealing with trying to move us. It definitely wasn't fun and was definitely lonely, but he did manage to keep himself busy at times.  He took wind surfing lessons in Izmir and went to Cyprus while I was on the Ladies Trip.  

While he was in Cyprus and in Izmir, he went scuba diving a bunch.  These were his first dives with the GoPro he got for Christmas and the pictures turned out really cool!

scuba diver Mike

He saw some cool ship wrecks too! The one in Cyprus is supposed to be famous world wide and he said it was as cool as he had heard.

Also, happy 4th wedding anniversary to Mike and Anna Fick! I can't believe it's been four years since that coffee stained ensign was trying to win me over at Armadillo's...I guess it worked ;)  Oh, and ya know, four years since you said 'I do' and all that jazz.  We're so thankful for you guys as friends (and matchmakers)!  Have a great day celebrating! Make sure Emma gets you something nice!!

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