Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Week at Home

Whenever I am home, I try to fill the week with plans so that I can see everyone, which makes for a busy and crazy week at home, but it's well worth the hustle and bustle.  This time, it wasn't quite as hectic because I'll be around for longer, but I definitely wasn't just sitting around most of the time.  



Hanging out with Rachel all day meant trips to Chipotle, Target and 7-11!! All my favorite places! I Displaying IMG_20160611_124200.jpgwas in heaven! Chipotle tasted as good as I remembered and a slurpee was the perfect treat on a hot day.
Displaying IMG_20160611_124200.jpg
I was so excited my finger got in the way!


We all went over to my grandfather's new apartment and had lunch.  I love his apartment and am a little jealous of how nice his new home is!  It was so comforting to see all of the artwork and furniture from his old house in his apartment.  It made it feel like home almost immediately.  And, his cat Daisy has wasted no time in making herself right at home ;)


Ben and I hung out during the day and that night, he decided it was the perfect opportunity to do a notes burning.  It was officially his last day of high school, so he took all of his notes, threw them on the grill and made a big bonfire! We even made s'mores in celebration!


After a morning of running around all of Hampton Roads, I treated myself to Chick fil a.  Don't worry, their chicken sandwich still tasted delicious :)

That night, I went out the the barn with my mom and got to meet her buddy Sully! He's such a handsome horse and they looked great riding.


Ben, John Philip and I checked out Top Golf in Virginia Beach.  If you haven't been, GO! It was a ton of fun and you don't have to be a golfer to enjoy it.  Ben's score was about double JP and my score combined, but we still had a ton of fun.  

That night, my parents, Ben, JP, Aunt Mary and Uncle Morgan and I went out for sushi.  Some of us are more experienced sushi eaters than others (and some of us order the fried shrimp and vegetables...), but I think everyone enjoyed it.  


Shopping!! It was so nice to be back with all of my stores and go on a little shopping spree.  After a year of no shopping,  I felt like I deserved a little shopping spree :)

Friday was Ben's graduation, which merits it's own post, but for now, I've got some baby Emma snuggling to do.  :)

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