Sunday, June 26, 2016

Moving Day and Father's Day

I mentioned in a previous post that my grandfather had moved to a new apartment.  This is all so exciting and definitely the right move for him.  Even he agrees!  He had been living in the same house my mom and two uncles grew up in and was way too much house for him.  Living in the apartment was such a good move for him because he is closer to people his age and the retirement community has a great set up with a dining hall, fitness center and all sorts of resources for him.  I'm seriously wondering how I can move in....

Even though he moved a bunch of his furniture to the apartment and sold some of the other furniture, there was still a lot of stuff in his house that needed to just be thrown out or given away.   So, Saturday morning, my parents, brothers and I headed over to meet my two cousins and uncle to empty that house.  We had a large dumpster empty and ready to be filled.

It was a lot of work emptying the house, but it was kind of fun.  We turned on some music and just started taking things out.  A lot of the more sentimental stuff had been grabbed by my mom or uncles before my grandfather moved to his apartment, so we didn't have to sort through a lot of stuff, which made it easier. We did find a few cool things, like the newspaper from the day Kennedy was shot or a note from my uncle to Santa Claus.  We did end up listing some stuff for free on Craigslist and just put them outside on the curb for people to pick up.  It's a great little trick to get rid of stuff you don't want to deal with selling, but is too nice to just throw away!

At times, I did find myself getting a little sentimental.  I was sweeping up the family room and thinking about the hours upon hours spent sitting on their couches.  That house contains 40 years of memories and, although I am happy to see my grandfather so happy in his new place, I am so sad to see that house go.  It's a great house and it was filled with lots of memories and love.

Such a wonderful house 

Also, if you know anyone interested in a great family house, I've got the perfect one for you! All it needs is a little love :)

Sunday was Father's Day and we went to church with my grandfather and then got Taste Unlimited sandwiches, which are some of my dad's favorites to bring back to my grandfather's house.  So simple and so good!  Andrew and I headed up to DC that afternoon, so we didn't have time to do much else, but I know between lunch and the dead rabbit that Scout the cat brought my dad, he was feeling the love :)

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