Friday, June 10, 2016

Team Hogan Kayaks the Adriatic!

As this gets posted, I'm going to be on a plane to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! I honestly can't believe it.  It's been almost a complete year since I've stepped foot in Target, Chipotle or Chick fil a, but more importantly, it's been almost a year since I got to spend time with the wonderful village of people who make me me.  To say I'm excited is the world's biggest understatement!  Hello, USA! It's been FAR too long!  I'll be sure to post about my whereabouts in the motherland, but for now, I'll catch you up on the rest of our Croatia trip.

 Since this was the Hebert's honeymoon and we were along for the ride, we let them choose what activities we did.  They wanted to go kayaking, which sounded fun, so,  despite the rainy and cloudy forecast, we all got up bright and early to begin kayaking.  Given our previous history as team mates in athletic events (Mike's desire for perfection and my less than stellar athletic abilities don't mesh that well shockingly), I didn't have high expectations that we'd be moving very fast (or forward) in our kayak. As it turned out, WE WERE AWESOME.  Guys, who knew that I could actually really kayak?  I mean, I'm not ready to embark on any long solo journey, but given that we passed everyone on our trip, I'd say we make a pretty good team.

It was pretty cool to see Dubrovnik, the city we spent the entire day exploring on the inside the day before, from the outside.  We got some great views of the old city walls and the surrounding islands.

The Heberts didn't have the kayak skills that the Hogans did.  We gave them a break and figured that's something you learn during your third week of marriage. ;)

We took some detours into some of the caves off of one of the islands.

About halfway through our trip, when everyone's arms were already sore and tired, it started to rain and the sun disappeared. And about ten minutes later, we were all over kayaking.  Thank goodness for wet suits and life jackets to keep us warm because without them, we would have been freezing.   The trip ended up being about three hours long and we all agreed that was about 2 hours too long. For inexperienced kayakers, it was a lot.  Our arms were SORE at the end of the trip.  It was really cool to see the city from the water and I'm glad we did it, but it was a lot of kayaking.

Despite our success, I don't think Team Hogan will be embarking on any kayak races in their near future.  Who knows, though?