Friday, May 27, 2016

Olmsted Ladies Trip 2016: Day Three

After a crazy day on Friday, Saturday was spent by the pool.  I don't think anyone actually went in, but the weather was so nice all of us took the opportunity to soak up some rays.  Some people went to check out the little beach down at the bottom of the hill, while myself and others just stayed put.  After a couple of months in the rainy German weather, it felt so nice to sit outside and soak up the sun!

The villa came with a great pizza oven/grill so we decided to put it to good use and grill out.

Heather and Rais hard at work.

The finished product

We ended the night playing Cards Against Humanity and Heads Up, both of which are super fun. I won Cards Against Humanity which was surprising and exciting. That might mean I'm a terrible and dirty minded person, but I won! Heads Up is always fun and watching the videos of your interpretation is usually the best part.

I ended the night with a text from Mike's sister saying that she's engaged!! She and her now fiance Sean have been dating almost as long as Mike and I have been together and I think all of us have been waiting on pins and needles for this to happen. I'm so excited for them and wish them nothing but the best!