Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The ear saga continues...

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Y'all, I can hear again!! This is truly a wonderful thing.  If you've been reading the blog, you know that I got swimmer's ear when I was in Kas.  I had drops to put in my ear, which initially helped, but after a while, I just felt like my ear wasn't getting better.  I finally agreed to go to a doctor, but neither Mike nor I really knew how to go about doing that or what that would entail

There is a doctor on base that Mike will go see if he has a problem, so we went there hoping that I could go, too. They don't see family members, but they helped us schedule an appointment at an ear, nose and throat doctor a block from our house.

When we went, the doctor spoke English, so I didn't need my translator (Mike).  I'll spare you the details of the appointment.  Lets just say that about 20 minutes and a lot of earwax later, I walked out being able to hear and very appreciative of this Turkish doctor.

Overall, it was a very easy experience and I think it was good for us.  If and when we need to go back to a Turkish doctor for some larger medical issue, we will kind of know the ropes.  It really wasn't any different from what the doctor's office is like in the United States, plus the doctor spoke English, which was an added bonus. We learned a lot from this whole experience, mainly being that you don't need to clean your ears at home :)