Monday, September 7, 2015


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When I resurrected this blog, I vowed that I would be better about talking about all aspects of our journey, not just the good stuff, so here we are, blogging about being homesick. It's been a great month here.  We've been wine tasting and traveled a ton (IstanbulCappadociaFethiye, and Kas).  I think we were out of town more than we were actually in Izmir, which was such a change from the previous month where we were here in Izmir trying to get settled.

While all of this travelling has been great, I think it has just made our time at "home" even harder.  We have so much fun travelling that I begin to dread our time in Izmir.  The thought of returning home to our small sink, no dishwasher and our apartment that seems to lose power once a day becomes a small pit in my stomach.  Add in a few emails of events I'll be missing over the next year and the pit grows bigger and bigger.

Luckily, I have great friends and family.  I get to video chat with my parents every weekend, which is always a highlight and Mike and I have found ourselves in several group chats with friends (we love the Smogans, the Ficks and of course the Huddle). We live for the gchats and texts from friends to help us connect us to life back home.  I even got a surprise video chat from a friend who was early for work the other day and decided to call me (thanks Katy!).  All of these definitely makes the pit in my stomach get a little smaller.

So, while we're loving all of the opportunities to travel and we're always thankful for this experience, it's not without it's hardships.  I'm sure it will get easier, but it's still an adjustment.