Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kas: Day Three

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Mike had to do five dives as part of his Advanced Diver Certification, so it takes two full days of diving. This meant another day of sun bathing on the top of the boat with the occasional dip in the Med for me.  Tough life. I know.

While I had recovered from the previous night's food poisoning, I still was feeling pretty weak and tired, so a day of napping and resting on the boat was completely fine with me. I did get in the water both times the boat stopped for dives, but I didn't swim nearly as much as the previous days and I didn't even put on a snorkel or a mask. Instead, I read. A. Lot. I finished Wild and started Defending Jacob, which I didn't think was as good as everyone said, but it kept me occupied.

After a day of diving, Mike was officially certified advanced, which was exciting! When the boat pulled into the harbor, we had to pay the owner of the boat who reassured us the day before that we could pay with a credit card.  He also mentioned something about a paint shop, but we didn't really understand.  So, when we pulled up to the harbor and went to pay, he told us that he didn't have a credit card machine, but that was okay.  We'd just go with him to a paint shop where he owed some money for work on the boat and that we'd just pay them. Mike and I just laughed and obliged because....Turkey.

(side note: The fees for credit cards are ridiculous here.  They're around 8%, so store owners lose a lot of money when they accept credit cards.  A lot of the smaller places won't accept them.  Add in who-knows-what kind of tax laws and you've got people paying paint shops for scuba diving)

Both Mike and I were starving by the time we finished with that whole ordeal.  We also had been craving good Mexican food, which is impossible to find. When we were going to dinner the night before, we saw a sign for Mexican and decided to try it out after researching on Trip Advisor.  When we got there, we noticed that the entire restaurant was cat themed and that there were cats/kittens all over.  The menu wasn't an extensive Mexican menu, in fact it really only had tacos on it.  And by tacos, I mean, taco shells with fajita fillings.  The best/worst part was when we went to go order an appetizer of chips and salsa and found out they didn't have tortilla chips. I didn't know you could remain open as a Mexican restaurant if you didn't have tortilla chips. Despite it's shortcomings, the food was actually pretty good and, while it wasn't quite the Mexican food we had been hoping for, it definitely hit the spot.

That night, we hung around the campsite, listened to live music and drank some wine.  It was a great end to our last day in Kas.

"I can't wait to read the blogpost about this." -Mike as we're walking out of the paint shop