Friday, September 4, 2015

Kas: Day Two

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We woke up early the next day because Mike had arranged with Can to do two days of diving so that he could take a class and get his Advanced diving certification.  I was going along for the ride again and very content to read my book and soak up the sun.  The boat this time was a lot smaller than the boat in Fethiye and there weren't nearly as many people aboard this time.

I snorkeled in the morning while Mike dove. I saw a sunken ship and a ton of fish, so it was definitely better than Fethiye in my opinion. We had heard that Kas is more protective of their fish than Fethiye, so it's better diving in Kas. 

Unlike the trip in Fethiye, the boat in Kas didn't serve lunch.  We had signed up for all day of diving, so they let us off the boat and we went and grabbed lunch before returning to the boat.  Some people had only signed up for either the morning or afternoon dive, but our group was mainly the same.  

The afternoon was a lot of the same.  We went to a different location and I snorkeled again.  I didn't see any shipwrecks, but lots of fish. 

When we got off the boat, we headed back to the campsite to shower and change before dinner.  I had been battling swimmer's ear and really hoping that it would go away on it's own (wishful thinking), but had finally succumbed to the fact that I needed to get drops to put in my ear. In the US, this wouldn't be a problem.  I've had swimmer's ear a ton and have always cured it with a quick run to CVS for some over the counter drops.  Here, I had no idea what that would look like. 

So, before dinner, Mike and I stopped into a pharmacy.  Luckily, one of the men behind the counter spoke English (I think probably because they get so many English speaking tourists in Kas).  He explained to the pharmacist what I needed and out we walked with ear drops!  The whole process was so much easier than I expected and the drops seem to be working.  At least, I haven't lost my hearing....

After that, we found a nice restaurant off of the main tourist strip and enjoyed a bottle of wine and some non-turkish food. I had a steak with mushroom sauce, which was okay and Mike had sea bass. Mike said his fish was good, but neither of us can get over how the Turkish don't use any sort of seasoning or added flavor to the fish.  You literally get the entire fish on a plate and that is it.  No blackened or any sort of spicy fish.  Just the fish. 

Anyways, after dinner, we headed back to camp for some reading and relaxation. i hadn't been feeling great all day and they have live music every night by Can and some of his friends, so it seemed like the perfect end of the night.  Little did I know that as soon as we got back to camp, I'd have a visit from a friend.  First name "Food" last name "Poisoning."  It was a rough end to the day, but luckily I seemed to recover by the morning and was ready for another day on the boat.