Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Kelly's Visit: Leaving Bozcaada

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Since the last two days had been such let downs, we were glad to be leaving.  We stopped by the ferry station the night before to check the times.  We decided to try and make the 9:30am ferry and checked with the guy at the ticket booth to make a reservation like the sign said we needed.  The man said we didn't need a reservation, which made sense since it was a weekday and it's mainly tourists and weekenders who come to the island.

So, the next morning, we were up and ready to leave the island.  When we arrived, the police officer in charge of letting people in asked if we had a reservation.  We told him they told us we didn't need one since it was a Monday.  He, of course, said we needed a reservation in order to get through. Mike called them to see if we could make a reservation for the 9:30 ferry, but of course, they were booked until noon.  Of course they were.  We spent the next two and half hours wandering around the island both by foot and by car before being able to finally board the ferry.

By the time we left, we all said goodbye and good riddance to Bozcaada.  I was trying to think of a nicer term than what we've been using all weekend to describe our experience. Mike volunteered Charlie Foxtrot and I'll just use that and let your imaginations go from there (hint: the last word rhymes with truck).

After a short ride on the ferry, we hit the road and didn't look back.  Luckily, the ride back was pretty uneventful, although it seemed long.  We made a stop at Pergamum and walked around the ruins there.  There were actually a lot of ruins and, since it's at the top of a hill, the views were really pretty.  We also got to check off another sight from our UNESCO World Heritage List, which is always a little exciting.


We made it home around six and were excited to just be home and relax.  As Kelly and I walked into the apartment building with bags full of stuff, my worst nightmare (at that moment) came true.  The power was out.  This meant the elevator, the air conditioning or the Wi-Fi weren't working (you can see where my priorities lie!).  It was one of those moments where you have to laugh in order to keep from crying. Kelly and I left the bags downstairs and trekked up the stairs to our apartment on the eighth floor.  Just imagine the looks on our face.

Mike joined us and we all waited out the power outage for about an hour before the lights turned on.  I wanted to cheer out loud.  We ate dinner, FaceTimed with my parents, and grabbed a drink of tea before calling it a night.