Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kas: Day One

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We arrived in Kas around three in the afternoon and found our hotel relatively quickly.  Well, if you want to call it a hotel.  When Mike was looking at places to stay in Kas, everywhere was really expensive except for this place, probably because instead of staying in a hotel, we were going to stay in a hut.  Yup, we were basically camping.

The entire camp was located on the side of a hill overlooking the water.  There were basically three levels with rainbow colored stairs leading to the next level.  The first level was the restaurant/bar, as well as a place for a campfire and lots of bean bag chairs. As you made your way up the rainbow stairs, you would find yourself at the sleeping level.  To the left of the stairs was where people pitched their tents. Luckily, we were to the right in the more pricier section which had wooden huts with a mattress, an outlet, and a fan for us.  On the third level were the communal bathrooms and showers (separated by gender). It was truly hippie camp.

When we pulled up, I couldn't help but laugh.  Mike has never been camping before (I know, I'm not sure how he made it 27 years without camping) and, even though we read the description before we booked it, I just wasn't sure how this was all going to work out.  I have many a fond memory of camping as a child and spent six glorious summers as a camper and counselor at Camp Alleghany for Girls, so I knew what camping entailed and knew we were sorely underprepared (read: only came with beach towels. No shower shoes, shower towels, or shampoo/soap).

Mike hanging out in our hut

Our neighboring hut

It was too hot to stay in the hut during the day (Can reassured us that it would cool down at night) and walked into the little town of Kas.  Just like Fethiye, it was full of European tourists.  We settled in at a restaurant along the water and helped ourselves to a few cocktails.  It was five o'clock somewhere...

After a few drinks, we headed back to camp where they had a set menu for dinner for campers.  It was just your basic Turkish food, but it was pretty good.  We called it an early night since we knew we'd be up early for diving/boating/snorkeling the next day.