Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Finnegan: Twelve Months!

How. Is. This. Possible?  This year has been a wild one for multiple reasons (three moves adds a little chaos), but Finnegan has added so much joy (and a little chaos) to this past year that I can't help but smile when I think about the past twelve months. I totally thought this was posting last week, but I guess it's better late than never....

 He's becoming very opinionated and determined to get what he wants, is eating like a champion, and is very comfortable walking with a walker.   He has started laughing a lot more and is very curious as to what is going on around him. He's checked off more states off of his list and was a HUGE help moving into our house (please note all the sarcasm). He celebrated his second Easter, although the last one was spent in the hospital at two days old, so this one is really the first.  He had a visit from Papa Hoagie and showed him around his new house, started swim lessons and got his first haircut!   Maybe his big accomplishment this month was HE FINALLY SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!  Insert all of the praise hand emojis! Needless to say, it was a big month for Finn and we are all looking forward to celebrating him!

Eating: Finn is a great eater when he likes what he is eating! Tonight he ate a whole peanut butter and jelly and lots and lots of edamame.  He decided he does in fact like those pouches all toddlers seem to be obsessed with and can gulp one down like it's his job.  He will eat any type of carb put in front of him, but is not a fan of raw fruit, unless it's a banana, which he eats daily.  We have been slowly weaning off of breast feeding and transitioning to whole milk, which seems to be going well.

Sleeping: Guys, he did it! He slept through the night! As I said, I am slowly weaning him from breast feeding and it came time to drop another feeding (you drop one feeding a week until you are completely done).  I was so tired of waking up in the middle of the night to feed him and he usually just fell asleep within a couple of minutes, so I knew he didn't need the nighttime feeding.  I knew it was time to just let him cry it out and realize that he needs to put himself back to sleep.  It was a rough first night and he cried/screamed for 45 minutes before falling asleep.  That being said, once he fell asleep, he slept for the rest of the night, so I knew he wasn't hungry. The next two nights we had a little bit of the same, but on night four, we had success and he slept from 7pm to 5:30am.  We still need to work on sleeping a little bit later, but I'll take it!

He may sleep in his crib, but his favorite place to sleep is in someone's arms :)

Noises: Finn talks a lot, but no one but him knows what he's saying.  He's started saying Mama, but it's not directed towards me.  One day!! He's also started laughing a lot more, which is just fun.

Milestones: Finn is still cruising with his walker and is extremely fast! He hasn't figured out how to turn it though, so he usually ends up stuck up against a wall until someone comes to rescue him.  He has also learned the Indian Call where he taps his hand up against his mouth and makes a noise.  His hand/eye coordination isn't perfect, so he doesn't always get his mouth, but he is trying and it's hilarious! He also will raise his hands if he wants to be tickled and likes to play peek a boo where he is the one hiding. He is also really into organizing things.  So, for example, he has a container with blocks in them.  His favorite activity is to put the blocks into the container and then dump them out and repeat.  Or, he really likes putting the top on his fruit pouch and taking it off again.  Hours of entertainment! He's a smart little guy!! 

Likes and Dislikes:  I don't know if Finn has many strong dislikes besides fruit (don't mind me just crying in the corner), but he is VERY opinionated about what he wants to do in the moment.   We have started having temper tantrums, especially around dinner time when he doesn't understand why I won't hold him around the hot skillet.  He LOVED the whole move in process because there was just so much to explore and get into.  He also is really into stuffed animals.  His giant bear gets at least 5 snuggles a day, but we also started putting a stuffed animal in his crib in hopes of getting him to sleep longer (we were desperate) and he usually will hold that as he falls asleep (or at least until we leave the room and he starts screaming).  

Nicknames: Finn, Finny, Buddy, Bud, Buddy Bear

Clothing Size: We just graduated to 18 month shirts and onesies.  They're a little long in the sleeves, but his little Buddha belly needs the extra room.  In pants, he's a solid 12 months. 

Diaper Size: Four

Height: 28 inches  (he shrunk?)

Weight: 20 lbs 8.75 oz 

Travel: He checked off Oregon and Washington off his list!

Teeth: Seven! He added one to the bottom just in the last week.

I'll save the sappy sentiments for another post and just finish this one with a big old I LOVE YOU!

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