Thursday, April 19, 2018

Day Ten: Flagstaff and the Petrified Forest

Our next stop was the Petrified Forest on the way to Flagstaff.  The Petrified Forest isn't exactly on the way to Flagstaff, but we figured an extra hour on a two week trip wouldn't make that much of a difference! 

It was pretty rainy and, honestly, we didn't think the Petrified Forest was all that it was hyped up to be, but we were glad that we stopped on our way.  One cool thing about the Petrified Forest is that you can basically drive through the whole thing, which is great when you have a baby.  There are places to pull off and get out, so we did that every so often.  Mike or I would jump out, take a few pictures and report back to the other one about what we saw before moving on. 

Maybe the coolest part of the Petrified Forest was the Painted Desert.  It literally looks like stripes are painted on the rocks!

I think that we were both expected a TON of petrified wood and that's just not the case.  We thought the bits of petrified wood  we saw were extremely cool, but we just didn't think it was as magnificent as it had been hyped up to be.  Now that we look at the pictures, I am amazed at how pretty it was.  It's definitely worth a stop along the way to another destination, but I'm glad that we didn't go (too far) out of our way to see it. p

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