Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Day Four and Five: Memphis and Dallas

We went back up to Tennessee and checked out Memphis, but not before we drove through the little town of Tupelo, home of the famous Elvis Presley! 

Elvis' home!

Tupelo pretty much summed up everything I pictured about Mississippi, but it was pretty cool to see the birthplace of Elvis.  After driving through Tupelo, we made our way to Memphis where we would be staying the night. 

We had heard great things about Memphis and the music scene, but honestly, we weren't that impressed.  Maybe it was because we were with Finn and had no plans to enjoy the smokey nightclubs, but we both were left feeling a little disappointed.

We walked along the water, checked out Beale Street, and then headed back to our hotel for the evening so Finn could burn some energy.  We were thinking we would go to Graceland, but it was $40 a person and neither of us like Elvis THAT much.


Thanks to my grandfather, we knew to make a pit stop at the Peabody hotel to see the ducks march.  We got there a little before five which was a mistake because we only had room to stand in the back.  Some people looked like they had been there all afternoon waiting!

We called it an evening and headed back to the hotel.  I think we are glad we can check Memphis off the list, but it definitely wasn't our favorite.  Oh well.

The next day we had a long drive from Memphis to Dallas.  Both of us have been to Dallas before so we didn't venture into downtown (we were staying on the outskirts), but we have friends there so we had dinner with them.  It's always fun to see friends!

Thanks for meeting up with us Fi and the Bowdens! Despite Finn's face in this picture, he was glad to meet/see you all!

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