Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Day Three: Birmingham, AL

We knew from the start that we weren't going to take the most direct route to Washington, but a little detour to Birmingham proved that point pretty well.  One of Mike's room mates from the Academy is from Birmingham and is stationed a couple of hours away, so he came up to meet us for dinner.  

Before we met up with Nick, we had a few things to do.  We wanted to do laundry (the puke clothes from earlier in the week were in desperate need of washing), go to the grocery store, and let Finn crawl around before we sat down at dinner.  While we were wandering around town, I found this rock!  It's part of the The Kindness Rocks Project (check them out, so cool!!).  I wish I would have thought about bringing rocks to leave in each place we stopped, but it was fun to find this one!

Nick suggested this taco restaurant and it didn't disappoint! It was absolutely delicious and it was so fun to see Nick! Finn fell asleep about a half an hour into the meal, but we know that he loved meeting his Uncle Nick.  Birmingham and Nick were well worth the detour!


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