Friday, April 6, 2018

Day Six: Oklahoma City

One of our goals for this trip was to check off as many states and places that we hadn't been before.  Both Mike and I want to get to all 50 states at some point and this was a great trip to make some progress on that goal.  We knew we should stop at places that we wouldn't travel to on their own, which is how we found ourselves in Oklahoma City.  

I don't think either of really knew what to expect from OKC, but we both LOVED it!  We walked around the Bricktown area which was fun and hip, went to Toby Keith's restaurant, and Mike even went to a basketball game.  The weather was beautiful, the people were friendly and Mike and I were pleasantly surprised at how cool this city was!

The riverwalk was perfect and scenic.

Isn't this cool?  This train had paintings of famous people from Oklahoma!

We both thought OKC was such a fun surprise and wished we had more than just an afternoon to spend there.  Way to go Oklahoma!  You may treat your teachers poorly and might not have much going for you outside of the city, but OKC was a fun treat!

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