Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Prague Castle with the Ficks

Day two in Prague was spent at the castle, which is on the other side of the Charles Bridge from the Old Town.   It provides some great views of the city, as well as some great sight seeing itself.

All I really remember about the Prague Castle from our last visit was the walk uphill to get there.  We didn't go inside and the walk up the stairs to get there was a trek.  This time, my lack of lung capacity due to the little guy made that climb a little more intimidating, but I knew we'd go inside, so it was totally worth it (I'm also being very dramatic and the climb isn't that bad. I just like to complain.).

Once you make it to the top of the hill, you get to the castle, which is actually a whole complex.  You can walk around the complex for free, but to go in different buildings, you need a ticket.  We bought the middle ticket, which gets you into the mid level selection of buildings, including the cathedral.

After the cathedral, we went into the Old Royal Palace.

Anna was so excited to see this window where the Defenestration of Prague took place.  She was having flashbacks to her high school European history class!

We wandered around the castle grounds for a while

before bidding farewell to the castle and heading back across the Charles Bridge. Naturally, we had to take some photos.  

We asked this woman to take a picture of the four of us and ended up getting a full photo shoot!  I'll spare you the plethora of pictures and just share this one because I think it's probably the best of 20.

The guys didn't want a picture of them together. It's fine because there's no way to capture how happy those two were to be back together.  They were giddy all week.  Anna and I would walk behind and just laugh at how happy they were. There were lots of times where the four of us would be walking and Anna and I would go to stand next to our husband, while our husbands would go and stand next to each other.  #priorities. :D 

We ended the afternoon with traditional Czech street dessert, a trdelnik.  It's fried dough with cinnamon sugar on it (I'm pretty sure you can get other toppings, but the cinnamon sugar is my fave) and so good.  Not overwhelmingly sweet, but definitely does the job. The guys got their millionth cup of coffee of the day and we headed back to the hotel to warm up before going to happy hour in the lounge and dinner. 

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