Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dresden, Germany

Wednesday morning, we packed up and shipped out of Prague.

Not really.  We took our time, had breakfast at the hotel and eventually made our way out.  Dresden is on the way home from Prague and it's the perfect place to stop for lunch and stretch your legs. Plus, it's such an interesting city since it all basically burned to the ground. The sun even came out and gave us a little warmth, so it was a beautiful afternoon spent in a beautiful city.

These two dressed alike and never were more than a few feet from each other #besties

We got home around four and spent the rest of the evening at home. It was nice to have a place to just hang out and be friends.  Most of the time, that's my favorite part when we travel or visit other people.  I love seeing all of the new places, but spending time with people is always so special.

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