Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ficks Visit Berlin

Friday was the Ficks' last day in Berlin, but I think we were all feeling a little post-Thanksgiving slump, so it was an easy day.  We hit up another Christmas market,

Saw the TV tower.....

And did a lot of lounging.

Honestly, I've come to realize that people don't always want to be out and about when they come to visit.  Sometimes, they are perfectly happy just to hang out at our house and spend time with us, which I'm definitely okay with.  Anna and I did some Black Friday shopping while the boys talked football and beer.  We ventured out that night for Italian food and beer and the boys ended the night with cigars on the back porch.

I have learned SO much over the past year and a half during this Olmsted experience, but one of the things I've learned is the true value of family and friendship.  The hardest part about the past year and a half was not an evacuation or coup, but is not having my people nearby. You know, those people who just get you.  The people that, despite not seeing each other for almost two years, pick up right where you left off.  Anna and Mike are definitely our people and I'm so thankful that we got to spend a week with them in our new city.  Here's to many more visits in the future where all of us, big and small, can spend lots of time together.

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