Thursday, December 1, 2016

Castles of Romania

I think everyone thinks of castles and immediately thinks of Germany and Austria.  While this is justified, Romania had some great castles as well. We spent our second to last day exploring two of the "best" castles in Romania. 

Our first stop was Rasnov Fortress.  This was different from the other castles that we've been to because it was all outside.  It made for some interesting climbing in the snow, but was a cool and different castle experience.

Scout's Romanian cousin trying to stay warm

Transitioning from Fall to Winter with leaves in the background and snow on the ground.

After Rasnov, we headed to Bran Castle, which is supposed to be the basis for the Dracula Castle!  After listening to the book, I could definitely see some of the similarities.

Winter Wonderland in Romania!
Unlike Rasnov, it was much more preserved and most of the rooms were decorated like they would have been when the castle was in use. 

Mike and I wandered around the castle for a while getting ideas for our dream home before calling it a day and hitting the road for our last stop in Romania, the capital of Bucharest!

PS Happy December! The best month of the year!

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