Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Brewery Tour and Jewish Ghetto

Our last full day in Prague, we decided to split up and venture out of the city for some sight seeing.  Anna and I headed to Terezin to see the concentration camp while Mike and Mike went to Pilsen for some beer drinking.

Anna really wanted to see a concentration camp and I was curious to see how Terezin compared to Dachau, so it was the perfect excursion for us while the boys went beer tasting. I found Terezin interesting because not only was there a concentration camp, the entire town was a Jewish ghetto, so many of the buildings and the town square were used during the war in some fashion. It wasn't used as an extermination camp, but tens of thousands of Jews died there because of the overcrowding and poor conditions.  We were able to go into the museum, walk around the concentration camp and see the town square.  It was an interesting day trip outside of Prague and pretty easy to get to via the bus.

Meanwhile, the boys were in Pilsen where they grabbed lunch (and a Pilsner of course!) before their brewery tour.

Give this guy a beer and you'll always see a smile on his face!

We met back up at the end of the day for dinner at Cestr in Prague.  When Mike and I went to Prague a year ago, we stayed with the scholars who were there and they took us to this great steak restaurant called Cestr.  I'm not even a huge steak fan and I loved it! When Mike and I realized that we were going to be in Prague for our anniversary, we knew that we had to go.  Plus, we wanted to show our friends our hidden gem! We ordered way too much food, I had a great glass of lemonade while everyone else had delicious wine, and none of us were disappointed.

It was a great last day in Prague, even though the majority was spent outside of the city.  We each got a chance to explore something new and then come back together to celebrate our anniversary!

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