Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Nuremberg and Leipzig Christmas Markets

The week after the Ficks left was chaotic to say the least.  We spent the week cleaning in preparation for our next set of visitors*, relaxing a little bit and preparing for our next jaunt around Germany. Oh and Mike had that little thing called class. It was busy, but relaxing.

*I told Anna this the other day and I feel like it needs to go on the blog, too.  The Ficks are the kind of people that we don't worry about cleaning our house for.  We're just that good of friends.  I did pick up and dust a little bit, but nothing like I would for other guests. Love you guys.  Thanks for being good enough friends that I don't feel like I need to clean for you.

The weekend following, Mike and I headed down south to Nuremberg and Leipzig to check out the Christmas markets there.  Both of these cities manage to make it on the top ten lists of Christmas markets, so we knew we had to venture down there at some point and this weekend was looking to be our only shot. That being said, with the Ficks visiting the previous week and two Olmsted families coming the following two, our motivation was lagging. Luckily, we persevered and found ourselves in Nuremberg that evening.

There is a reason that Nuremberg that makes it on the top ten list for markets. It. Is. Amazing.  There were tons of stands of all sorts of Christmas decorations, with everything from ornaments to snowmen (of which we bought both), as well as a plethora of food stands. We were tempted to go to the Christmas falafel stand, but opted for the more traditional sausage instead.  Maybe another day.  Nuremberg was where I discovered the chocolate covered strawberries on a kebab though and my life is forever changed.  I'm pretty sure I had one of these kebabs at every market following.  Baby Maximus loves the sweets!

Because it was Saturday night and really the first weekend of the Christmas season, the market was packed.  So much so, that if I had small kids, I would have been nervous.  It also made it hard to take pictures or really just move around. If I were doing this again, I would go on a week day to avoid some of the crowds. Since it was so crowded, we ended the night at an Irish pub singing Sweet Caroline because even we like to be a little touristy at times.

The next morning, we were up bright and early and ready to hit the road for Leipzig.   We arrived in time to walk around the city in daylight, which turned out to be a gift because the city is extremely picturesque.

While this one didn't quite live up to the market in Nuremberg, we really enjoyed perusing the market and walking around the town.  We both agreed that we aren't sure if there is enough to do in Leipzig without the markets, but the markets gave us a great excuse to explore the town and check another Christmas market off our list!

We returned to Berlin on Monday (the joy of not having class on Monday will never wear off!) and were both grateful that we decided to go down south for the markets.  We had a blast checking new cities off our Germany list and getting into the Christmas season with the markets. I'm already sad that we won't be returning to these markets next year!

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