Friday, October 21, 2016

Plitvice National Park

After our night in Llubljana, we headed south to Plitvice National Park in Croatia.  I loved our time in Split and Dubrovnik last spring, and this trip just added to my love for Croatia.  It was a few hours from Llubljana, so we didn't get there until after lunch time, but it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.  

You have the option of buying a one day or two day pass because the park is so big.  We only had time for the one day pass, but I could see how some serious nature lovers (or photographers) could spend two days there.  It was beautiful.  They have all sorts of paths and trails for you to walk along and even in the fall, it was pretty crowded.  Because it's a national park, you aren't allowed to swim in the water, but I was grateful for that because it added to the ambiance and allowed us to see nature in it's natural state. 

The water is actually that blue!

There were tons of waterfalls all around the park, which I just loved!

There was tons of wild life throughout the park, which was fun to see. I'm always amazed at the different animals we see when we travel.

That lady behind me would. not. move.  She must have taken 1000 pictures.  We waited for a while for her to finish and then finally gave up.

We kept seeing little hints of autumn throughout the park, but overall, it was SO green!

The only way to get to some parts of the park are by boat.  We didn't have time (and didn't want to wait in line), but if we had come for a second day, it would have been a fun option!

Both of us were extremely impressed with Plitvice National Park and we're both beginning to realize how much we enjoy travelling outside of the city.  We spent the night in Zagreb, Croatia, which was a couple of hours away.  It was a great place to stay the night, but I enjoyed spending the day outside and surrounded by nature.  Oh, and Mike and I spent the majority of the time in the park talking about different Slovenia/Croatia itineraries.  We're ready to be your travel agents!

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