Friday, October 28, 2016

A Day in Bratislava

I know the last couple of posts have been pregnancy related, but I don't want to neglect documenting our travels, so from here on out, you'll get a mixture of both pregnancy and travel posts.

Bratislava was our next stop after Budapest and even though we had two nights at our hotel, we really only had one day in the city.  Our hotel was less than perfect.  I think our standards are pretty low for hotels.  We don't spend that much time in them and I really just need a bed and a decent shower.  However, when we arrived at Hotel Viktor, we quickly noticed that our room smelled like smoke.  Luckily, we were able to get switched and into a new room before dinner. The hotel continued to be less than stellar.  It was difficult to get to the city center (luckily Uber is super cheap there and we had no problem taking it back and forth).  The six euros we paid for breakfast were not worth it.   I guess our room really wasn't that bad, but overall, it wasn't the best experience.

That's okay though because we enjoyed our time in Bratislava.  We had one full day there, but that was enough time to hit the highlights. 

The little town square is charming and there was even a choir singing when we were there.

It seems like every city we go to has some sort of tower you can go up in to overlook the city. Bratislava is no exception.  We crossed the bridge and took the elevator up to the top of the observation tower.

Afterwards, we walked down some of the side streets.

And crossed under Michael's Gate....

We found their radio tower, which is a cool piece of architecture. 

And visited the Blue Church, which I thought was weird.  It looked like something that belonged in Candy Land.

Our last stop of the day was a wine cellar.  We heard from Mike's sister that you can pay a flat fee for 110 minutes of all you can drink wine tasting.  While we didn't do that, we did taste some wonderful wine and walked away with many bottles to take home!  Don't worry, I spit all the wine out!

Mike and I are always talking about how to improve our travel or what we would suggest to people who are going to a city after us.  We enjoyed Bratislava, but our two nights and one full day was maybe a little much.  If you have a car, I think it's more reasonable because you can venture out of the city. I've heard the countryside is enjoyable.  If you only can/want to see the city, I would recommend staying in Vienna and doing a day trip from there.  It's less than an hour and a half Vienna and would make the perfect day trip.  We enjoyed Bratislava and are so glad we went, but aren't sure staying two nights was our best decision.