Monday, October 24, 2016

Pecs, Hungary

After our night in Zagreb, we wanted to make a stop at Pecs, Hungary before making our stop for the next few days in Budapest.  I had never heard of Pecs before, but it's one of the largest cities in Hungary.  It's also got a lot of Turkish influence because of the Ottoman Empire. Back in our pre-evacuation days, we had this grand plan to do a six week road trip through the Balkans to travel through the former Ottoman Empire.  That plan got all kinds of messed up this summer, but being able to stop in Pecs (and the rest of this two week trip), was a little taste of what those six weeks would have been like.  

Anyways, Pecs was a quaint little town.  We stopped for lunch and had our first of many bowls of goulash.  Afterwards, we walked through the city.  It's not very big, so you can do it in an hour or two.

One of the highlights of Pecs is that they have a mosque that was turned into a church.  We've seen a lot of churches that were turned into mosques, but never the opposite.  It definitely looked like a mosque from the outside.

Gazi Kasim Mosque (now a church)


We found part of the old wall that encircled the entire town. 

We enjoyed walking around Pecs and it was a great pit stop and place to stretch our legs.   I'm not sure if it would be of interest to people who didn't have a connection to Turkey, the Ottoman Empire or Hungary, but it was a nice stop to fill our afternoon. 

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