Thursday, October 27, 2016

Announcing our Pregnancy

Maybe the hardest part of this whole pregnancy has been not telling people.  We "suffered" through a week of pub crawls and champagne toasts at Kelly (Mike's sister) and Sean's wedding, weekly FaceTime dates with my parents and lots of questions and suspicious looks from friends as we dodged questions. My parents and aunts are here this week and I knew that I wanted to tell them in person, so we had to wait to tell everyone else until right before they came so our secret would be spoiled.

We told Mike's parents over FaceTime and they were both really excited! Mike's mom exclaimed "All of my friends have grandkids and I'm SO ready!" and Mike's dad had a huge smile on his face. When we told our siblings, they were also excited and asked when they could tell everyone. Getting to tell our friends was also fun.  Mike casually dropped in a conversation about science that he was the only one in their group who had been able to reproduce, which led to a pause and then a lot of them saying "Wait, did Mike just tell us Sarah's pregnant?"   

We sent our best friends Anna and Mike the following picture, which came as no surprise to Detective Anna, but made Emma very excited, although she wasn't sure what to be excited about. 

The most exciting was definitely getting to tell my parents because they were the only ones we were able to tell in person.  We gave my aunts cards that said "Welcome to Berlin" on the outside and "where aunts become Great-Aunts. April 2017"  My parents got children's books about grandparents, but my aunts' reactions gave it away before they even opened the books. 

And for our Facebook announcement, we wanted to add to all of the election craziness, but in a good way....

We had so much fun telling everyone and our excitement over the new addition was definitely shared by all of our friends and family, which makes me so thankful.  This baby is so loved!

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