Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy birthday Dad!

March is one of two big birthday months in our family, so here's to birthday post #2 of 3 for this month!

I texted my dad the other day to ask him what he wanted for his birthday.  You can't go wrong with anything Notre Dame themed or any sort of chocolate, but years of Irish themed apparel and chocolate covered peanuts have left me wanting to be a little more creative.  He didn't have any real suggestions either, especially since he gave up sweets for Lent, so he replied "Just put whatever you would spend in the little guy's college fund."

His response didn't really answer my question, but I read it and thought "that is so Dad."  My dad is a giver of the purest sense.  Sure, he'll indulge in almost anything sweet if it's in front of him, but in the grander scheme of things, he's willing to give his time, talent and treasure if means helping others.

He works hard for his clients, especially the children.  He is constantly following former clients' children through school and has formed many bonds with his clients that have lasted well past his work with them. 

He gives back to countless charities with his time, serving on boards and with his treasure through monthly and annual donations. 

He is an active member in our church, constantly doing whatever it takes to make sure our little church doesn't get run over by the big bad guys in Richmond. ;)

He gives back to his community by attending town hall meetings, writing in to the newspaper and participating in all sorts of community events.  He even ran for city council once, but he'll tell you that loss was the luckiest thing that ever happened to him! 

And last, he gives back to our family, working long hours and weekends to ensure that we get to do fun things like go on vacation or spend hours at the barn (cough cough Mom and I), as well as coaching our sports teams, going to countless parent/teacher conferences, and watching many theatrical and musical performances over the years.

I can't wait to watch my dad become a grandfather.  I know that his sense of giving will only be heightened when he meets his grandson and I hope that it is a lesson that our little guy learns quickly because giving of yourself to others is one of the most admirable traits one can have.

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Happy birthday Dad!  Your big heart is one of my favorite things about you, but your sense of humor is a close second! Thanks for helping me in my times of need...homework, scrapes and bruises, and most definitely refugee assistance! 
And don't worry, I still sent him a gift! ;) 

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