Thursday, March 23, 2017

Happy birthday Andrew!

Russo family birthday #3 of 3 is here and it's for one of the coolest people I know, my brother Andrew!

I was talking to my family and Andrew last weekend and he was saying how he followed in my footsteps in so many ways; typical for a middle child. He joined similar clubs in high school, applied to the same colleges as me, and did City Year after graduation.  On paper, he looks like my younger brother (and he is!).

In reality, though, he's the cooler version of me.  I've always been quiet and reserved, while Andrew is the people person.  His sense of humor and lovable personality make him a big hit with anyone and everyone. I've never seen him interact with his students, but I'm sure he's one of the "cool City Years" that I always envied.  I always knew that Andrew should have a job working with people.  His personality is so fun that it should be used to inspire and motivate people to do something, whether it be to buy a product or help inspire people to be a better person.  That being said, I couldn't be prouder of his choice of career path.

I know it's hard being the middle child.  You aren't the first, so you don't get to pave the way and are constantly being compared to your older sibling by your teachers and parents. That being said, I'm glad that I didn't have to follow in Andrew's footsteps because he's an incredible guy. He took what I did and made it his own, which is incredibly inspiring.  Everyday I am so thankful to have Andrew as my brother and my friend.

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