Saturday, March 25, 2017

Five Pregnancy Favorites

We don't have a ton planned for this week besides Mike working on a paper, so I figured I'd update you on all of the pregnancy things we've been doing around here to get ready for our little guy.  

We found out that one of Mike's high school friends and his wife are expecting (YAY Reidels!) and I was talking to the mom-to-be about pregnancy.  It got me thinking about things that have made this pregnancy easier physically and otherwise.  I figured it'd make a good blogpost for those who may be pregnant and for those of you who know someone who is pregnant (all of these would be great gifts!).

Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter, 6.5 Ounces
I ordered this at the end of my first trimester out of fear of stretch marks.  TBD if it actually prevents stretch marks, but let me tell you, it feels so good on my stomach.  The few times I've failed to apply it after a shower, I've found that my stomach is kind of itchy, even if I've used other lotions.  An added benefit is that it isn't greasy like other lotions.  It literally feels like butter. 

2.  Snoogle

Go ahead and laugh at the name of this body pillow, but this thing has been a lifesaver the second half of my pregnancy.  My aunt sent this to me in December and I started using this as soon as my stomach started growing and I haven't gone a night at home without it.  I'm a die hard stomach sleeper when I'm not pregnant and this helped transition me to a side sleeper.  Now when I'm much larger, it has saved my hips, my sleep and my sanity.  When we were travelling, I was constantly requesting more pillows from the front desk to replace it, but I was always happy to get home to my Snoogle.

3. LuLaRoe Clothes

LuLaRoe leggings and Irma top

Anna brought me a few pairs of leggings and a few LuLaRoe shirts when she came to visit and I fell in love.  They aren't maternity clothes, but I am 35 weeks pregnant and still wearing them comfortably. The leggings are fun, the shirts loose and everything fits wonderfully.  I did move from their One Size leggings to their Tall and Curvy leggings around week 30 for a little more room in the waist (do I still have one of those?), but I'm still able to fit in the OS leggings.   I've pretty much given up on maternity pants at this point, so leggings and dresses have become crucial.  There is a reason that you are seeing LuLaRoe pop up all over Facebook.  Their clothes are so comfortable and I know I'll be enjoying them even after Baby Maximus comes. 

Image result for bump to birthday pregnancy & first year journal

This was another gift from Anna and has been such a fun way to document the pregnancy.  It has a section for each week where you can put pictures and document what you did and how you were feeling, as well as any notes about the baby.  It also has pages for important doctor's appointments, how we told people, and lots of baby milestones for after the baby's arrival. I've had so much fun filling out each week of the pregnancy and I can't wait until I can document all of Baby Maximus' milestones.

Normally, I just sleep in tshirts and gym shorts and don't bother with fancy pajamas, but as my stomach grew and there was less room for my belly in my tshirts, I wanted something a little more comfortable.  Plus, I knew once Baby Maximus was here and I was breast feeding, it would be nice to have a shirt that buttoned down the front for middle of the night feedings.  I ordered this set, as well as another brand of button down pajamas and this set wins the prize.  It's stretchy and soft, plus it's airy enough that I don't get hot. They're in my hospital bag right now, so I'll have to go a month without wearing them, but I know they'll be perfect for the hospital and afterwards.   I'll probably be purchasing another pair once my body has returned to (somewhat) normal because I think this pair might be a little too big, but they're so comfortable I will definitely keep wearing them. 

Honorable Mention

Ingrid and Isabel BeBand

My mom sent me this after I mentioned that my regular pants didn't fit anymore, but I actually didn't start using it until this week. After my regular pants stopped fitting, I started wearing maternity pants or leggings without any major issues, but within the past few weeks, even my maternity pants are struggling to stay up.  This band just slides over the elastic part of my maternity pants and adds a little extra support since it's a little bit tighter.  I also think it will be great post-partum to help transition me back into my old pants and shorts (hopefully!).

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