Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Oban, Scotland

After a fun-filled few days in London celebrating Sean and Kelly, Mike and I headed north to Scotland.  We flew into Glasgow, rented a car and headed to Oban for two nights.  The drive is only a couple of hours, but you drive through a national park, so we stopped and walked around a bit.  Definitely worth it!  Scotland is truly breathtaking!

While Mike may be known for his depth of beer knowledge, he also enjoys a good glass of scotch before bed, so Scotland was calling his name.  Oban is his favorite scotch and, therefore, earned the first stop on our trip.  All of the distilleries do tours throughout the day and Mike thought that we'd be able to just show up and jump in on a tour.  When we got there, just in time for the last tour of the day, they were all booked, which was a bummer, but we booked a tour for the morning before we left.  We did take a peak into their tasting room and Mike tried one of their distillery only drams, so overall, I'd call it a successful afternoon and introduction to Scotland!

Our friends Josh and Christie (hi Jillyhaks!!) had done this trip last year and we basically just copied their itinerary.  One of their "must-go" places was a bar called the Whisky Cellar, so we finished the night out there and it didn't disappoint.  There were even a few drinks for non-scotch drinkers like myself!

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