Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Glasgow and One Last Castle

Our last stop on our Scotland tour was Glasgow, but before we got there, we made a stop at Stirling Castle.  We were a little disappointed in this castle compared to Edingburgh castle because a lot of it was closed off and there wasn't as much information available.  That being said, you could get a guided tour or the audio tour for a few euros and I'm sure would have had more information than you needed.  

There were a few rooms that were open that were pretty cool, such as the Queen's sitting room and bed room.

They had actors and actresses throughout, which made it seem a little cheesy, but they played the role quite well!

I'll take that view out my window!
We walked around the castle for about an hour before heading out. 

Our final stop was Glasgow, where we would spend the night before catching our flight back to Berlin.  At this point in our Olmsted experience, we've been a lot of places.  There are definitely places that we've enjoyed more than others and places that we won't go back, but we've never been a place that we felt was a waste of time.  That is, until Glasgow.  We both felt like there wasn't anything to do, except one church and overall, the city just felt kind of run down and trashy.  I know it's a major city in Scotland, but if I were planning a trip to Scotland, I would skip Glasgow.  I feel bad saying that, but we were not impressed and didn't see anything worthwhile there. 

Despite Glasgow being such a bust, we had a blast in Scotland.  It is by far one of the most green and beautiful places I've ever been.  It was so refreshing to get out of the major cities and do a different type of sight seeing on this trip.  Mike had a blast golfing and scotch tasting and I loved the fresh air that came with such a wonderful place.  Scotland, you win. 

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