Monday, September 5, 2016

Dress Shopping and a Proper English Tea

Wow.  I'm back.  I'm back in Berlin and back and ready to blog after two weeks of galavanting around the United Kingdom.  As much fun as it is to travel all around, I often find myself longing for the routine of every day life. The grass is always greener, right?

Anyways, when we left off last time, I had just posted about Kelly and Sean's wedding.  After a day of festivities, Mike, myself, Kelly and Sean headed back to their apartment for the night.  We felt bad tagging along on their wedding night, but we promise we won't do it next summer when they do the big reception and ceremony!  The next day, the girls and boys split up and headed different ways.  Mike and Sean went golfing while Kelly and I met up with her friend and her mom for a little wedding dress shopping.  Since this ceremony was only the legal ceremony, Kelly is having what Americans think of as a "wedding" next summer with lots of friends and family.  Therefore, she needed a traditional wedding dress!  This was her first time shopping for wedding dresses and went in knowing she wasn't going to buy anything (smart girl!), so we all just got to enjoy the process.  It was the first time I have gone dress shopping for someone other than myself and it was so fun! She tried on a bunch of different styles and I think has kind of narrowed it down to at least a couple of styles.  Out of fear of Sean seeing this post, I won't post any pictures, but let me tell you, she looked great and the dresses were beautiful!!

After dress shopping, we had a reservation for a proper English tea.  I was so excited to experience a proper afternoon tea and it didn't disappoint.  Guys, I want to go to afternoon tea  If I lived in London, you could find me at tea every single afternoon because it was so much fun.  Sean's sister met me, Kelly, Kelly's mom and Kelly's friend Lucy at Fortnum and Mason where we all spent the afternoon eating finger sandwiches and scones and, of course, drinking tea!

Cheerio Buckingham Palace!

A stroll through the park was needed after all of those finger sandwiches!

I had an absolute blast at tea and it's probably good that I don't live in London, otherwise I'd be there every afternoon!