Saturday, September 10, 2016

Inverness, Scotland and touring Glenfiddich

Our next destination was Inverness.  We tried to stop at Urquhart Castle on the way there, but it was so crowded that we decided to hold off until the next day.  Instead, we spent the evening walking around Inverness.  The river runs right through the city, making it picturesque.  We had great Indian food and found a craft beer bar to end the night at.  I wouldn't spend more than a night in Inverness, but it's a great little town to stop in or spend the night. 

The next day, we were up early because we wanted to make sure we were able to get in to Urquhart Castle, which opened at 10:00am.  Arriving right at 10:00 was definitely the way to go because we were one of the first ones in line and were able to easily find a parking spot.  We got the Explorer Pass, which gave us a discount if we went to more than two of the major attractions.  Anyways, Urquhart Castle is beautifully located on Loch Ness...yup, that Loch Ness.   As we walked around the castle, Mike couldn't help but yell out "Here Nessy Nessy Nessy!"  While there were no sightings of Nessy, the castle is beautiful and worth the walk around. 

That afternoon, we did our last distillery tour at Glenfiddich.  At Glenfiddich, they offered three levels of tours.  The basic being very similar to the ones we had done and the other two levels going more and more in depth.  We ended up on the mid level tour.  Mike would have liked to do the highest level, but apparently you have to book those at least a year in advance. Our tour was great, though.  It included a lot of the same characteristics at the previous two, but went way more in depth.   The best part was at the end, though.  We were allowed to try one of their scotches and then we were asked to blend a few different flavors together to try and replicate that scotch.  None of us were close, but we all got to keep our blends.  Pretty cool!!  It was totally worth paying for the mid level tour. 

After the tour, we hung out on the Glenfiddich property, mainly to hang out with the coos!  Plus, the scenery terrible ;)  

If you ever find yourself in Scotland, I would recommend doing the Glenfiddich tour. I'm sure their basic tour is wonderful, but I would recommend the mid level tour, mainly for the scotch!  Their tour guides are knowledgeable, the property is beautiful and the scotch is pretty good!