Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hanging with the Hogans: October 2017

Now that we have a more "normal" life and our day-to-day routine is not quite as exciting as our European lifestyle, I've noticed that I don't blog quite as much, even though small and important things are happening. I also tend to take pictures randomly and then they never get shared.  So, with that in mind, I'm going to periodically try and do a photo dump called Hanging with the Hogans so you can see some of the less exciting, yet still important parts of our life.

Without further ado, here is October's edition of Hanging with the Hogans!

Pumpkin spice ice cream!!

Alright so I always kind of judged moms who use the cart covers at the grocery store because I was always like "I survived and didn't have a cart cover when I was a baby."  But then I could only buy like five things at a time at the grocery store since Finn can't sit up on his own, which means no cart.  So, I found a cart cover that comes with a  little support cushion, so here I am being that mom with the cart cover.  Karma's a bitch.  

Finn living his best life and enjoying the 85 degree October weather. 

Hanging with his bestie Adaline while her mom's at the doctor.  They never got more than five feet apart.

We got our household goods finally!! Insert all the praise hand emojis!! I bought donuts for the movers as a bribe to PLEASE BE CAREFUL when unpacking our stuff.  I'll be doing this again in four months when we pack up our stuff because it is $15 well spent. 

Someone enjoyed sweet potatoes.

 One of the wives from Mike's class hosts circle time on Fridays for all of the little ones.  She has eight month old twins and then Xander is almost five months old, so Finn is right in the middle of all of them!

Xander's mom and I really want them to become best friends!

We went to Cape Cod for Columbus Day Weekend and stopped at winery as we were driving back to the hotel.  Best. Decision. Ever.

They also made their own rum, so I got a painkiller.  I have no regrets!

Poor Finn spent the weekend with a stomach bug.  While we felt SO bad for him, we definitely soaked up all of the snuggles from our normally not-so-snuggly guy!

Mike bought Finn some Navy gear and we broke it out for the Navy/Air Force game, which was a little too close for comfort, but Finn looked super cute.  I think Santa will be bringing him some purple and gold though ;)

We were all sitting on the couch (so thankful to finally have this back in our lives!), so I snapped a quick selfie.  This pretty much depicts our lives.  Mike and I smiling and paying attention and Finn just focused on his hands. 

As much as we miss our European travels, life in Groton, CT is not too shabby, especially now that we have a couch.

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