Saturday, October 14, 2017

Finnegan: Six Months

Well, well, well, look who is six months old!! This guy!!

Our little guy is a bundle of energy and always seems to be grabbing or scooting towards something.  He wants to crawl SO badly, but just hasn't quite figured it out.  I wouldn't be surprised if month seven is the month though! He loves to smile at people as he rides in the stroller and has had so much more success with solid food.  He was a huge help (note the sarcasm) in helping us unpack our furniture and is just as much of a help making dinner or lunch while sitting in his Bumbo.

Eating: We retried solid foods, starting with rice cereal and then moving on to sweet potatoes and apples, all of which has been met with much more enthusiasm than before.  Sweet potatoes, rice cereal and apples have all been a big hit!  Everyone is happy about that!! We are still breast feeding every three hours though, which is exciting.  My first breast feeding goal was to make it to six months and here we are! Our next goal is Christmas, so fingers crossed we can make it until then. 

Sleeping: We have good nights of sleep and bad nights of sleep.  The other night, he woke up every two hours and I was having flashbacks to our pre-sleep training days, but then last night he slept for seven hours straight.  Generally, he will wake up somewhere between 12:00-1:00 and then again between 4:00-5:00.  Not too bad! I'd like to eventually get down to one feeding a night, which I think will happen with more solid foods, but for now, we're waking up at least twice.  

Noises: Finn isn't the most talkative guy, but when he starts, he doesn't stop! He has also discovered how to blow raspberries/spit bubbles, which is just a whole new level of noise.  He had a week where he where he learned how to shriek and therefore did it all. the. time.  I did not enjoy that week.  Occasionally, we will get a laugh at something he finds really funny, but it's rare.  Usually, we are just greeted with a big smile!

Milestones:  Getting up on all fours is pretty common around here.  He will get up and then rock back and forth, but he's not quite strong enough to move forward.  His core strength isn't that strong and he's still not sitting up on his own, so I think that we have a month or so until he is crawling. The other major milestone is that Finn is grabbing EVERYTHING in sight.  It's a two step process.  Step one: grab object.  Step two: Put in mouth. He definitely has a sense of the world around him and it's fun to watch him learn.   

We love the bumbo!

I finally broke down and bought a cart cover so that he could ride in the shopping cart and we could buy more than five things at a time. 

Likes and Dislikes: Finn has decided that he will tolerate the car, on a few conditions.   He can't ride for more than like twenty minutes and heaven forbid he wake up from a nap in the car.  That is just unacceptable. But, he has gotten a LOT better at our trips around town.  He usually is pretty content just looking out the window or playing with a toy.  He loves his jumperoo and being able to move around.  He also likes to look around at what's going on, so he prefers to be on his stomach and will roll over almost immediately when we put him on his back.

Nicknames: Finn, Finny, Finnster, Finneman, Big Guy, Bud, Buddy Bear

Clothing Size: We packed up all of his six month clothes this week and are completely transitioning into nine month and 6-9 month clothes.

Diaper size: Three

Weight: 17.7 lbs

Height: 27 inches

Travel: Finn went to Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard and then he and I traveled to Virginia for this weekend!  He also spent the day in Newport, RI

We're adding this to the wedding slideshow

So many new friends!

Finn and Xander are almost exactly a month apart and are quickly becoming best we think.

Sick babies are no fun, but snuggles make it better

Go Navy! Beat Chairforce!

Mike and I are happy to have a couch.  Finn's happy to have his hands.

We love you Finnegan Michael! You light up our life and we have had so much fun these past six months!

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