Thursday, October 19, 2017

Finn and Sarah Visit Virginia

Ever since we returned to the East Coast, I have been trying to take advantage to being so close to home and our people.  We spent a good month in Virginia after coming back to the United States and it wasn't long after we moved into our house that I booked a flight home for Finn and I.  Add in the trip to Notre Dame and our plans for Christmas and we should be able to see people at least once a month!!!!

Finn and I left on Wednesday night for Virginia, arriving in Norfolk around 8:30.  One day, I'll do a blogpost on traveling solo with a baby, so I'll save all of my thoughts on that subject for that post, but just know that it's no easy task.   Finn was a gem and slept through the first flight.  He fought it hard on the second flight but eventually succumbed to the big bad bedtime.  He did wake up to say hello to Nana and Grandpa, but it was way past his bedtime, so we didn't hang out much. Plus, traveling with an infant is exhausting.

Thursday morning was pretty relaxed and Finn slept until 7:30 (!!!!  my pre-mom self is groaning because it's so early.  Now, I'm just happy if we make it to 6:30 so 7:30 is a treat!).  We stopped by my grandfather's apartment to say hi and then met my mom for lunch downtown. 

Lunch downtown.  Excuse Finn's "eclectic" outfit.  We had a little bit of a diaper explosion and this is what was in the diaper bag.  
Andrew came home on Thursday night and it was so good to see him.  He's such a cool guy with so many good thoughts on so many things. 

Friday, we took it easy again. It rained almost all weekend, so there wasn't a lot of incentive to do much except lounge around.  I got my haircut Friday afternoon, which was a treat as always and my aunt, uncle and grandfather came over for dinner.  Ben and his girlfriend Ange also arrived around dinner time for the weekend since they were on Fall Break.  I've yet to find an experience that is as heartwarming as being home with your people.  There is just something about sitting around the table, eating your favorite family recipe and chatting it up about anything and everything.  The only person we were missing was Mike and, man, did we miss him. 

The younger generations

Saturday was a big day because JMU was hosting College GameDay!  Finn's excitement must have affected his sleep because he was up every two hours that night.  I'm sure that was the reason.  We watched a little bit of College GameDay before my mom and I left for a horse show.  I don't know who was more and my mom for the horse show or Andrew and my dad who got to hang out with Finny. 

Saturday afternoon we all headed over to my aunt and uncle's to watch the JMU game.  Finn was a bit of a distraction throughout the game (it happens when you're cute!), but luckily, I was able to catch a bit of JMU's record setting 18th win in a row! Go Dukes!

Sunday morning came early and I guess Finn was just happy that the rain was supposed to subside.  At this point in my life, there are few gifts that I value more than someone hanging out with Finn early in the morning so I can sleep longer and my dad delivered that wonderful gift that morning.  I slept until EIGHT and woke up feeling like a whole new person.  We bid farewell to Ange and Ben who were going camping before heading to church.  Finn was a huge hit at church and had lots of babbling commentary during the Homily. Luckily, he's cute :) 

After lunch and a nap for Finn, we headed downtown to Norfolk to check out Waterside and walk along the water trying to soak up some much needed Vitamin D. It was a GORGEOUS day and it felt so good to get outside.  We picked up my grandfather on the way home and all headed back for good ole YNOT pizza. 

This is four generations of Tuckers!  

We bid farewell to Virginia and all of our people Monday evening and were so sad to say goodbye.  It's amazing how nice doing a lot of nothing with the people you love with can be.   

Finny and Uncle Andrew!

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