Thursday, August 31, 2017

Tchoussy Berlin!

We arrived back in Berlin from our week in paradise on Saturday and the movers were set to arrive on Monday for three days of packing and moving us out.  How many times do you think I've thought we're crazy? Probably too many to count at this point.

After a little bit of a mix up as to when the movers would come, we finally turned in the keys one week later and said goodbye to our wonderful apartment.  Both Mike and I were pretty sad to leave this house. I am always a little sentimental when we leave our homes, but this one was extra difficult.  I had visions of the countless nights I spent nursing Finn on our couch or how the first night at home, we had to bring the swing into our room because he wouldn't sleep in the bassinet.  Mike just kept thinking about the hours we spent on the floor with Finn on his playmat and how excited we were the first time he held his head up.  So many of our first memories with Finn were created in that apartment and it definitely made it harder to say farewell.

The Olmsted Foundation gave us a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel around Europe and spend our first two years as a couple together.  We spent our time wine tasting on Mt. Etna, exploring the souks in Morocco, skiing in the Alps and dogsledding in Lapland.  To say we are lucky and blessed is an understatement because we have memories that will last us a lifetime.

They say when one door closes, another one opens and that is definitely true for this experience.  Our two years abroad were life changing, but we are both excited  for what this next chapter will bring.  We both miss having a routine and the continuity that comes with a 9-5 (or 7-7) job.  Being close to family is something that I missed greatly and I am so happy to be back in the same time zone as all of our loved ones.  I know that this next tour will bring challenges such as deployments and long working hours, but we will have great memories of these past two years to carry us through.

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