Monday, August 14, 2017

Finnegan: Four Months

One day, I'll get back to blogging regularly, but until then, I'll be playing catch up.   Who would have guessed that a transatlantic move with a 3 month old would be a little time consuming? :)

Ohhhh Finny!  It's been quite a month.  Finn attended his first wedding, went on vacation, moved out of Berlin and had his first transatlantic flight...all in one month!  We're all a little exhausted, but both Mike and I agree that this age is a ton of fun and we are having a blast with our little guy!

Big bed, little Finn

If I was writing this post at the beginning of the month, it would have been a very frustrated post because feeding Finn was a struggle about half of the time.  Arched back, screaming and overall disinterest was a common theme.  By the end of the month, though, we kind of figured it out.  Mainly, I realized that our little guy is not so little and doesn't need to eat every two hours on the dot.  Instead, he is now eating every two and a half to three hours and we are all veryyyyy happy!

Sleeping: Oh sleep, how I miss you. For the first time in my life, I muttered the words "Maybe I should drink coffee" multiple times. The four month sleep regression is a real thing and I was not prepared for it.  Finn went from sleeping five to six hours in a row at night to waking up every hour and refusing to sleep anywhere except in my arms.  He wouldn't sleep for Mike and the crib was a big no no.  There were multiple nights where I found myself sitting in a chair with Finn my arms.  It. Was. Rough. Luckily, we seem to have turned a corner with that, but we're still battling a six hour time change, so hopefully within the next week we will be back to normal.

Take a picture because sleeping outside of Mamma's arms won't last!

Noises: We have a little talker on our hands! The pediatrician asked if Finn was testing out his voice and both Mike and I nodded enthusiastically and boldly stated "YES!"  Finn has no problem babbling and it never ceases to make us smile.  Mike says he's heard Finn laugh twice (the two times I wasn't around!!), but I don't believe it.  We've got lots of gasping and coughing, which I think is his attempt at laughing, but I haven't heard a true laugh yet.  Fingers crossed it will happen!

Milestones:  We have a roller!! Finn is rolling from his back to his stomach and his stomach to his back without any issues.  He likes being on his stomach so that he can look around, but sometimes gets tired and hasn't quite figured out that he can solve that problem by rolling over on his back.  He is also sleeping on his stomach full time now.  Almost immediately after I place him in his crib, we will hear him roll over onto his stomach.  We thought he would be a thumb sucker, but that seemed to be more of a phase.  He still will suck his thumb occasionally, but not as a substitute for a pacifier.  Oh well.  His thumb is one of many things that go in his mouth right now.  In fact, it's a rare object that doesn't go in his mouth.   We keep feeling around for a tooth or two that might be poking through, but it's still pretty gummy. Last, Finn completed his second round of vaccines.  Luckily, he seemed to fare a lot better than the first round and they didn't have any lasting effects on him.

Finn's first few minutes on American soil!  
Likes and Dislikes: Finn went in the pool for the first time this month and seems to be tolerant of it.  I think he just isn't quite sure what is going on.  Our neighbors had an infant float and after a few minutes in that, he was looking around and moving a little bit, which gives me hope that we have a water babe on our hands!  He also has discovered the television and is definitely a fan, much to my dismay.  His attention span is about .2 seconds, so he doesn't stare at it for long, but will keep coming back to it if he is on the floor nearby.

Nicknames: Finn, Finny, Finster, Big Guy, Buddy, Buddy Bear

Clothing size: We packed up the the 0-3 month clothes when we left Berlin and only brought 3-6 month things with us.  They're fitting perfectly right now, which is nice.  I hope we are slowing down our growing because, if he isn't, we're going to be in toddler clothes by Christmas!

Diaper Size: Size Three

Weight: As of August 3rd, he was 15lbs exactly

Height: On August 3rd, he was 25 inches long

Travel: The United States!! Hooray!! Our little guy traveled across the pond to the United States where he checked off both Virginia and North Carolina off his list of states.  He also went to the Canary Islands, which is a territory of Spain, so his country count is at ten.

Reading all about airline safety

Month four was rocky at times, but we are loving this age and all of the smiles and personality that is showing.  We are so proud of how Finn has handled all of the changes and has been, for the most part, a pretty easy going and happy baby.

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