Sunday, August 20, 2017

Eat, Drink, And Be Mongan

One day, I'll get back to blogging regularly, but until then, I'll be playing catch up.   Who would have guessed that a transatlantic move with a 3 month old would be a little time consuming? :)

As you may remember, last August, Mike and I (and Finn, but no one except Mike and I knew!) traveled to London for Mike's sister, Kelly's wedding.  It was a small ceremony with just immediate family, so we weren't surprised that they wanted to have a bigger celebration this summer with friends and extended family.

We arrived in Reading on Wednesday evening and introduced Finn to Mike's dad.  It wasn't long before Mike's mom arrived on Thursday morning and she was able to meet Finn as well.  Both were head over heals from the first minute.

Since we had the day free on Thursday, Mike, Finn, myself and Mike's mom and Jim headed to Cambridge that afternoon.  The town and the university are beautiful and it was a great afternoon excursion.

 We even found the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe door and lamp!

Friday was the first day of official wedding festivities.  The afternoon was kicked off with a boat ride down the Thames.  Luckily, we avoided the typical English weather (cold and rainy) and had a beautiful day of warmth and sunshine.  Finn slept through the entire boat ride, but still managed to win over the majority of ladies.  He is a cutie.

That evening, we went to a cute little restaurant for the rehearsal dinner.  Finn was not on his best behavior, so Mike and I ended up splitting our time outside while the other ate dinner, but from what I could tell, everyone else was having a great time.  

Wedding day came quickly and we were one of the first guests to arrive.  The ceremony and the reception were both at Shiplake College, where Sean went to high school.  The grounds were beautiful and it set the ambiance for a wonderful English garden wedding.   Finn ended up waking up and wanting to eat right as the ceremony started, so we missed the procession and Mike's reading (sorry Dad!!), but made it back in time to stand in the back for the vows and exchanging of the rings.  

It's a good thing he's cute!

Following the ceremony was cocktail hour where we took the opportunity to have a little family photo shoot :) 

The reception that followed was a blast and definitely incorporated lots of eating, drinking and being Mongan (whatever that means). 

 Finn fell asleep after lots of dancing, which allowed Mike and I to enjoy the last few hours with each other.  I'm not sure if Finn will be accompanying us to weddings any time soon, but we are so glad that we could all be there to celebrate Sean and Kelly and their (somewhat) new nuptials! Congratulations Mongans and thanks for a great wedding!

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