Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dachau and 1000 Beers

Karen has to start work at 3:00pm, which is great because it allows us to do some short day trips in the morning and early afternoon.  Since we were in Munich, we figured Friday morning would be a great time to take her to Dachau, the concentration camp memorial outside of Munich.  Mike and I went last fall and I walked away with so many emotions and so much more knowledge that I knew we had to take her there.  If you are ever in Munich or Bavaria, you should definitely go to Dachau. You could spend a week there reading all of the information and processing everything, but we only had a few hours.  Luckily, you can still grasp the intensity and emotions within a  few minutes of stepping foot on the memorial.

We took the train back to our AirBnB so that Karen could work and Mike and I set out to experience the English Gardens.  I had never been and the weather was nice, so it was the perfect way to spent the afternoon.  Just a heads up, it's Europe, so the probability that you'll see a naked person sunbathing is VERY high.  Also, make sure to treat yourself to a beer and a large pretzel in the biergartens while you're there.  We most definitely did and felt very German!

After a few hours of hanging out in the park, we headed back home to meet Karen who was working and Mike's friend, Scott from Naples.  Scott was coming in for the weekend for Fruhlingsfest with us and we were all anxious to hit the town for Friday night.  We went to Tap House Munich which was awesome. They had a bunch of local beers and the atmosphere was great.  

Mike has an app on his phone (Untapp'd) that allows him to track all of the beer that he's tried.  He's EXTREMELY diligent about logging each and every beer he has ever tried.  There are different "badges" one earns for trying a certain number of one type of beer, or drinking a certain number of beers at a certain type of location (stadium, concert hall, etc). One of the badges is for trying 1,000 different kinds of beers. We knew Mike was getting close a few months ago, but Turkey's lack of beer variety had us wondering when he would reach it.  I'm proud (?) to say he drank his 1,000th beer in Munich.  It was a Schonramer Zwickl and Mike said it was one of the best beers he's ever had. I'm not sure if it's something to be proud of, but cheers to beer tasting and 1,000 different beers!

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