Tuesday, October 16, 2012

start of the week

This week has been pretty ordinary (so far), but in a good way.  I've been busy doing stuff for grad school applications, which seem to be never ending.  Every time I think I'm almost done with an application, I find about five little, yet tedious, things that need to be done.

Yesterday, my fourth block class was so wild that my teacher gave them all a zero for behavior.  I heard that, today, there were quite a few students who were upset (probably some rightfully so since we have some quiet, well-behaved students), but that all of the students were quiet and did their work. Yesterday, Adrienne and I sat down with my teacher and made a seating chart.  We separated the friends, the talkers and the two sisters that are in the class.   It was an amazing seating chart.  Today, though, when Adrienne got to class, the students were all in their old seats.  Apparently, the seating chart never got saved!! Ahhhhhhhh!!! This is so typical, and still so frustrating.  Luckily, today Adrienne and I were able to recreate the seating chart basically exactly how it was, so hopefully tomorrow it will be implemented.

One highlight of yesterday was getting to observe Biasia and Katherine's class.  It was awesome to see our students in another class and watch another teacher teach.  Their teacher is still pretty new (it's her third year), but she had the class under control and was able to teach and engage the students.  It was so refreshing to watch. Most of the students were well-behaved, paying attention, and learning something.  It was a lot of fun to watch!

Today, I was at the office.  I didn't have a ton to do, but it was enough to keep me occupied for most of the day.  I wasn't feeling great this morning, so it was probably good that I wasn't super busy. By the afternoon, I had recovered and gotten in the swing of things. I had a meeting with the education coaches from the University of Florida about the trainings they're going to lead for us.  It was really cool to help them and be on this side of training the corps.  Adrienne and I went to yoga tonight after a little hiatus this weekend.  I really liked the instructor tonight and it felt really good.  The room seemed to be extra warm, so all of those toxins that were making me feel sick earlier were gone!  It was wonderful.

Tomorrow we start our actual ELA interventions.  I'm really excited.  I have seven girls that I'm going to be pulling out throughout the day when they're in our class.  We're going to be reading passages and working on comprehension and fluency.  I'm excited to get to know these girls, form relationships with them, and be able to work with them individually over the course of the year.

Keep your fingers crossed that all of these interventions will go well, the kids are well behaved, and my teacher somehow manages to find some organizational skills. Fingers crossed.

This quote is for Mr. Romney who, at the current moment, is cutting off poor Candy who's trying to moderate this debate.   He's also a little too aggressive for my liking.  He just needs to calm down.

"Be kind to one another." -Ellen Degeneres