Monday, October 29, 2012

funny kid quotes

Today was a pretty normal Monday for me, especially compared to everyone else in the world who's faced some sort of major weather warning in the past few days.  From a tsunami warning in Hawaii to the Frankenstorm attacking basically all of the east coast minus Florida, almost anything I say here would be uneventful comparatively.  The following quotes from my students are the reason why I say almost....

I had three girls that I was working with in the City Year room last week on some of the classwork and reading.  We finished really early, but I was almost positive their class was still working, so I didn't want to send them back in the room.  We were sitting around talking about all of the City Year corps members and how they all live together and how I live in the same house with some people from City Year too.

Student 1: What about when you guys have boyfriends?
Student 2: They don't share a room!
Me: I mean, Ms. Lucero, Mr. Ben and I have boyfriends and girlfriends.  It's not a big deal.
Student 1: YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND?!?!?!?!?!
Student 2: Where does he live?
Me: Hawaii
Student 1:  Do you get to see him?
Me: Yeah I saw him in September.
Student 1: You haven't kissed him since September?!?!?
(thanks for the reminder)
Me: no
Student 1: You haven't TOUCHED him since September?!?!?!?!?!?!
Me: Okaaaay and that's the end of that conversation.....

Little does she know that starting Friday, we're about to embark on an extreme six month no touching or kissing kind of deal since Mike is leaving for deployment.

Today in research, we read an article about the election and the two candidates political views.  It had a chart that had a column of issues like "The Economy," "The War in Afghanistan", "Social Issues" etc.  Then, it had a column listing Obama's views on the different issues and another column for Romney's views.  You were supposed to circle which view you agreed with for each issue. Before we even read the article, this is what I heard.....

"I ain't voting for Romney cuz he trying to take away girls' weaves! They gotta look pretty!"

followed by

"Vote for Mitt and you'll be sh**!"

turns out that when they actually circled the different views on the issues, they sided with Romney on a few issues and some even said they wouldn't vote for Obama.  Funny how that works out....

Anyways, hope everyone is staying safe and sane in this hurricane.  If you need somewhere to escape, it's nice and sunny here in Florida! Enjoy the few days off and rest and recover for the return to work!