Sunday, October 21, 2012

pumpkins and sushi

Adrienne and I have been talking about carving pumpkins for over a week and we finally did it.  I haven't carved a pumpkin since probably elementary school and neither had she, so we thought we would relieve our childhoods and head out to the pumpkin patch.

We went to a pumpkin "patch" nearby and found some relatively small pumpkins.  We had been craving thai food all weekend, so we decided to find a thai restaurant before heading home and carving.  The closest one was 20 minutes away in the opposite direction, but we decided to go for it.  I ended up  getting sushi, but it was the right decision because it was delicious.  Adrienne got chicken curry, which I tried and was really good.  I love sushi, though....

I'm not sure if I like this picture of me, but it looks very fall-sh with the scare crow and bench 
sushi and curry...yuuummmm!
We made a pit stop to get a carving kit and headed home for an evening of pumpkin carving.  I didn't realize how long it would take to carve a pumpkin, especially if you try to do anything creative.   We had this book that came with stencils so you could make something more than just the traditional jack-o-lantern.  I settled on a bat flying across a crescent moon and Adrienne went with a mummy. You can decide if they actually look like that, but we're both really proud of our carving abilities.
check out who our server was! 
hmmmmm I wonder what this could mean..... :)

The finished product....a bat flying over a crescent moon 
Overall, it was a very fall-ish day.  I missed the cool weather and leaves, but I guess it's just something I'll have to live with.  Happy fall everyone!
Happy Fall!
Sarah and Adrienne