Friday, March 23, 2018

Leaving Groton

Well, we made it to Washington!! It's been a whirlwind of a move, but we are here.   I'm going to recap the entire move, but let's just start with our departure from Connecticut.

The week before we left was busy.  We had all of the stuff that comes with moving out of a house, such as movers coming, move out inspections, and Mike's graduation.  On top of that, Finn decided that it was the perfect time to get sick with a fever and nasty cough.  Poor guy.

We booked the movers to come on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Monday and Tuesday were designated as packing days and then the guys would come and load the truck on Wednesday. They ended up packing everything on Monday, so Tuesday we just sat amongst the boxes. #thatmovinglife

Finn was a HUGE help packing

Wednesday, Finn woke up with a fever, so he got to hang out with us and watch the movers load the truck.  I think it was his plan all along to stay home because his fever disappeared and he was in heaven watching all of the moving fun. The movers came and it ended up taking all day for them to load the truck.  We thought this would be the easy day, but we were wrong!

We moved into the Navy Lodge Wednesday night.  Finn seemed to be feeling better so we decided to send him to daycare for his last day on Thursday, especially since we had errands to run and things to do.  I dropped him off, ran some errands and met Mike at our house for our walk through with the rental agent.  Everything went well so Mike and I headed to the gym. We were only there for about 30 minutes before I got the call that Finn had puked and we needed to come get him.  Not quite the way I envisioned his last day of daycare, but what can ya do?  We brought him back to the hotel, gave him a quick bath and put him down for a nap.  I spent most of naptime freaking out about how we were going to move across country in 48 hours with a sick child, 

Friday was Mike's final day of SOAC (Submarine Officer Advanced Course) which was really just graduation.  Mike had to be there early, so Finn and I dropped him off and headed back to the hotel to hang, nap and pack a little before we headed back to the base for the ceremony.  Finn seemed to have rallied and really enjoyed singing the National Anthem and contributing to the Pledge of Allegiance. 

I love seeing Mike do his job.  So much of it is top secret that I get excited for any glimpse of his Navy life. The ceremony was small, but nice. The entire class did extremely well and worked hard, so they have lots to be proud of.  Finn and I are so proud of Mike and the rest of his class.  Way to go guys!

We all headed down to Mystic for lunch to celebrate and had a lot of fun.  It was the last time everyone got to hang out before people headed to their next duty station, so it was bittersweet. We really enjoyed our time in Groton and Mike's classmates were a great group.  We were sad to end this chapter, but were anxious to get on the road and get started on our chapter in Washington.  Thanks for a great six months Groton!

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