Thursday, March 29, 2018

Day One: Harrisonburg, VA

Aaaaand, we're off!! 

We checked out of the Navy Lodge, jumped in the car and headed south as we began our trek across country.  We were excited, Finn wasn't screaming and didn't have a fever for the first time in days, and we seemed to be making good time.  All of a sudden, we heard some coughing, looked back and Finn was puking everywhere. Lovely. Just lovely.

We pulled over, cleaned up the mess, Googled "car sickness in infants" and "ear infections cause motion sickness," and continued on.

This was one of our longest days so we prepped ourselves and Finn with lots of snacks, toys and podcasts to keep us entertained.  For the most part, Finn did great! He had Cheerios and lots of toys, so he stayed entertained until nap time and then he napped. I moved back to sit next to him for the last couple of hours.  I needed a change of scenery as much as he did! 

The long drive was worth it because this was our view!!!

We walked around (a very cold) campus and introduced Finn to his future alma mater (don't tell Mike!). Most of the students were on spring break, but we ran into a group of students taking pictures with James Madison and it took all of my energy not to bombard them with questions about their experiences. 

Finn was clearly loving his time on campus.

Three of my favorite guys!

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After spending all day in the car, the thought of making Finn sit in a high chair at a restaurant was extremely unappealing, so we ordered Dave's Taverna gyros to the hotel.  Let it be known that Dave's is much better after 10:00pm and when you're under the age of 25 :)  Regardless, I went to bed with a happy heart in one of my favorite places.  Day one set the bar high, but day two helped channel another one of my loves. 

PS at the rate I'm posting, we'll make it through this trip by the end of 2018. :)

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