Sunday, November 6, 2016

Russo Family Comes to Visit!

We had about a week between our return from our road trip and when my family came to visit.  We used that week to do laundry, clean our house, and rest up before our visitors arrived. Mike had his first week of classes, which went well and he seems excited about most of his classes. He has a long day on Wednesday and class on Thursday and  Friday, but then enjoys a four day weekend every week.  We're hoping to take advantage of that for sure!

After our week of recovery, my parents and two aunts arrived early Tuesday morning! After a joyful reunion at the Enterprise car rental desk, we headed back to my apartment.  We didn't have any plans for Tuesday, as I figured everyone would be tired and jet lagged, which was true.  We did fit in the pregnancy announcement, which helped perk people up from their jet lag temporarily.

I knew people would want to rest on Tuesday, which was good because Wednesday was a full day of sight seeing.  We hit the streets of Berlin early.  Mike and I have a walking tour that we do with guests that seems to cover all of the major sights and can be done in a few hours, so we started with that.  It takes you under the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, Hitler's Bunker and Checkpoint Charlie.  It's the perfect introduction for people who like to see a city by walking. We were hungry after all of that walking, so we stopped at the Hofbrauhaus Berlin for lunch.  Afterwards, we crossed town to the East Side Gallery, which is a cool stretch of the Berlin Wall that has been decorated by street artists.  It's very Berlin. We ended the day with the Topography of Terror Museum, which is a great World War II museum that provides a lot of insight into the formation of the the third Reich and the causes of WWII.  Bonus- it's free!

All day on Wednesday, my aunts and mom kept asking when we were going baby shopping.  Luckily, since Wednesday was so jam packed, we had lots of time on Thursday morning to do some shopping.  I'm not sure how thrilled my dad and Mike were to be shopping, but they appeased us and even offered an opinion or two.   We stopped for lunch at the House of 100 Beers before heading to the DDR Museum.  I love the DDR Museum because it provides an interactive look into what life was like in East Germany.  If you can get there when it's not crowded, it's even better. 

We ended the night at a tapas restaurant celebrating my aunt being cancer free for 10 years! Such an accomplishment and something definitely worth celebrating! Congratulations Aunt Beez! We love you!

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